Our organization is dedicated to helping "Aging Out and Aged Out" Georgia foster care youths transition into society with the necessary skills and work ethic to become successful adults.  This is critical because nationwide each year an estimated 23,000 “Aged Out” youth are emancipated from the foster care system. Over 700 youth are released from the Georgia foster care system annually. Statistics for Aged-out youth state the following:

                                            NATIONWIDE                     GEORGIA

                                            12 to 36 percent experience homelessness       One in four become homeless
                                            46 percent did not complete high school            20 percent leave with a high school diploma
                                            One in four males and one in ten females
                                            became incarcerated                                                Almost half will be arrested by 19th birthday
                                            50 percent experience early parenthood            49 percent will be expecting mothers by 19th birthday

Despite these findings, Bridging The Gap is ready to address and help reduce these odds. We want to help youth who choose to "Age Out" of the system at 21 and others who may fall through the cracks. We believe we can impact the next generation by saving one youth at a time.  Then that one youth will be able to impact another youth and as the pattern repeats; this can caus a positive outbreak among young adults that can change their battered-down cycle and help rewrite their future.
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Bridging The Gap is the sponsor for three team members as they prepare to go with a group to Uganda, Africa in July 2019.  Consider contributing by clicking on the crowdfunding button on the left or the Pay Pal button on the right.  Thank you for your support.